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Shoot, A Fella’ Could Have A Pretty Good Weekend In Vegas With All That Stuff

July 29th, 2014

This never gets old. Is it wrong for me to miss the Cold War?

“Survival kit contents check. In them you’ll find:
- One forty-five caliber automatic
- Two boxes of ammunition
- Four days’ concentrated emergency rations
- One drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills
- One miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible
- One hundred dollars in rubles
- One hundred dollars in gold
- Nine packs of chewing gum
- One issue of prophylactics
- Three lipsticks
- Three pair of nylon stockings.

Shoot, a fella’ could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.”

You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up – Bottle Edition

July 29th, 2014


This KCRF moment comes to us from the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO.


Beez Combat Systems – AK47 Chest Rig Sale

July 28th, 2014

In regards to the recent economic sanctions against Russia, which includes the Kalashnikov Concern, Beez Combat Systems is holding a sale on their AK47 Chest Rig. 20% off with no price mark up for any camouflaged variants. Additionally, the padded harness add-on is being marked down $10 if purchased with the rig.

AK Rig

The sale will only last for the next three days so take advantage while you can.

Oneiros Valley Moving Sale

July 28th, 2014


Oneiros Valley is holding a storewide sale to celebrate their move from Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona. The sale starts tomorrow, July 29th and lasts until Sunday, August 3rd. Most stock items will be heavily discounted, up to 35%. This is a great opportunity to get a hold of Oneiros Valley gear while helping them to lighten the load for the move.

Sneak Peek – RMJ Tactical Skull and Bones

July 28th, 2014


Made from forged stainless steel, this skull and bones is part of their jewelry line. It’s made in such a way that you can use 550 cord to create a custom bracelet. Coming next month.

FBI Issues Pre-Solicitation for COTS 9MM Pistols

July 28th, 2014

While the US Army continues to make noise about adopting a new cartridge to replace the current NATO-standard 9mm caliber, Law Enforcement agencies across the country are migrating back to the round. Now, arguably the most respected LE agency in America, if not the world, the Federal Bureau of investigation is making good on their quest to transition from .40 to 9mm by taking the first step to purchase new weapons by issuing a Pre-Solicitation for Commercial Off The Shelf pistols. Although referred to as a Pre-Solicitation, it serves the same purpose as a Sources Sought Notice you’d see from DoD. This is a huge opportunity for the firearms industry. Not only with FBI but the entire LE community in America. Where the Bureau goes, so goes everyone else.

FBI Pistol Training

Specifically, they are seeking:

Various commercial “OFF THE SHELF” semi-automatic pistols chambered to fire a 9mm Luger cartridge as defined by SAAMI.

The following types of pistols, chambered to fire a 9mm Luger cartridge, may be requested for testing and evaluation purposes under a future solicitation:

Class One Pistol: barrel length between 3.75″ and 4.25″; with a minimum magazine capacity of 13 rounds.

Class Two Pistol: barrel length between 4.5″ and 5.5″; with a minimum magazine capacity of 15 rounds.

Class One Training Pistol (Red Handle): deactivated with full articulation, red receiver and slide, night sights.

Class One “Man Marking” (a.k.a., “Simunitions”) pistol: blue slide or slide with blue inserts.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation anticipates the release of a solicitation during FY2015/Q1; distributed solely through the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) Website.

The anticipated maximum, not to exceed, contract threshold is $100M for a twelve month base period and nine (9) possible additional one-year options.

Being much smaller than Defense (and much more fragmented) Justice along with the multitude of other agencies charged with law enforcement have been able to buy pretty much whatever they want over the years. For many, this has meant the .40 S&W caliber. It was developed about 25 years ago and is an outgrowth of the FBI’s interest in the 10mm cartridge but in a package that could be retrofitted to existing 9mm handgun frames. But now, with decades of data on the effects of the .40 cartridge and its toll on handguns themselves. Rumors have been swirling for sometime that they were moving back toward 9mm and this Sources Sought Notice is a step in that direction.

I’m not even going to get into the myriad reasons that the Department of Defense won’t adopt a new caliber for its sidearm but instead will point to the ill-fated Individual Carbine program which was open to new calibers. In the end, only standard 5.56mm NATO guns were down selected and even then, no weapons were capable of completing the trials which were ended early. You want a new caliber? Do the science. The Army hasn’t. Instead, they’ve set industry up for another fall in their open caliber Modular Handgun System program.

It would be prudent to keep an eye on what the Bureau is up to, and why. They rely on their handgun as primary weapon system and look to be willing to trust the lives of their agents with the 9mm caliber. Granted, they’re not shooting M882 Ball, and therein lies the rub. Regardless of handgun caliber, Full Metal Jacket ammunition doesn’t take full advantage of the latest in ammunition technology. DoD needs to consider that as well.

7th Group at Fuerzas Comandos

July 28th, 2014

photo 1

The American team from 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at the 2014 Fuerzas Comandos skills competition is currently in 1st place among 14 other country teams. With stiff competition from their allies, this 7th Group team is certainly well equipped. In addition to the Hodge Defense Systems AU-MOD 1 upper receivers, Velocity Systems BOSS Rugby Shirts and Crye Precision Tropical Combat Pants seen here, they are also shooting GLOCK 19s with upgrades from Zev Technologies and Leupold‘s upcoming Delta Point Pro red dot.

photo 2

TacHacker – Rothco Dog Tag Signal Mirror

July 28th, 2014


This dog tag shaped signal mirror from Rothco is scratch resistant and at $2.50 is a great option for those assembling their own survival kits. It incorporates a sighting hole as well as a chain hole so could be used as a handy signal mirror around your neck or as a back up in a kit.

You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

July 28th, 2014


This time, the KCRF patch was spotted in Normandy, France at the Pegasus Bridge, which is near where the British 6th Airborne Division landed on the night of June 5th, 1944 as a spearhead of the Allied invasion.


Extortion 17 Memorial Motorcycle Auction and Ride

July 27th, 2014

Almost three years ago, August 6th, we lost an amazing group of Americans and their Afghan counterparts when Extortion 17, a US Army CH-47 helicopter was shot down over Wardak Province in Afghanistan. The toll was devastating; 25 Navy and Air Force Special Operators, five United States Army National Guard and Army Reserve aircrewmen, seven Afghan commandos, and one Afghan interpreter, as well as a US military working dog. Now, we remember their sacrifice and endeavor to raise funds to support their families.

photo 7

Green Devil Garage built this amazing motorcycle to help raise funds for the Travis Mannion Foundation via auction. The Travis Mannion Foundation is a non-parochial 501(c)(3) charity that has a very simple charter, “To assist our nation’s veterans and the families of fallen heroes.” Funds from the Memorial Ride will go to the 31 Heroes Project.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go check this build out for myself at Green Devil Garage.

In addition to auctioning off this custom bike on August 2nd, there is a Memorial Ride as well. Even if you can’t make it in person, you can sign up as a virtual rider and receive a t-shirt.

Additional info on the fundraiser is available at You can also donate directly to the fundraiser if you can’t make it to the memorial ride.

Below is the full press release.

Green Devil Garage to Build and Donate Tribute Motorcycle for the 3rd Annual Extortion 17 Memorial Ride

The Third Annual Extortion 17 Memorial Ride will be held on Saturday, August 2, 2014. The Memorial Ride is dedicated to the memory of 30 active duty military servicemen and 1 military working dog killed in action on August 6, 2011 when a CH-47 helicopter was shot down by enemy fire in Afghanistan. The Memorial Ride provides an opportunity for the community to gather and commemorate the Heroes of August 6, and to rally in a show of support for Gold Star families. This event not only ensures that their sacrifice is remembered, but it also serves as a fundraiser for families of fallen US service members via the 31Heroes Project, in partnership with the Travis Manion Foundation.

Green Devil Garage is pleased to announce that it will build a new motorcycle to be auctioned off at this year’s ride. This marks the second year the company will support the Extortion 17 Memorial Ride with an original design motorcycle. Last year at the Second Annual Extortion 17 Memorial Ride, Green Devil Garage’s custom bobber was the most valuable auction item, drawing $24,500 for the aforementioned charities. NRA American Warrior wrote about the tribute motorcycle:

The Veteran-owned-operated small business is looking to raise $20,000 towards the build of this year’s custom bike. Donations will cover the cost of custom parts for the build. Any overage in donations will be forwarded to the The Travis Manion Foundation. Donors can support the 2014 custom Extortion 17 bike build by donating here through this Crowdwise page.
Opened in 2013, Green Devil Garage is Hampton Roads’ first motorcycle-repair-and-storage shop. Green Devil Garage specializes in building custom motorcycles and motorcycle repairs. Green Devil Garage provides storage solutions for motorcycles, complete with maintenance. Green Devil Garage is located on 553 South Birdneck Road # 209, Virginia Beach, Virginia and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 pm. Tuesday – Saturday. For more information, call Green Devil Garage at (757) 995-7288 or email

Donors for the motorcycle build will receive the same benefits as donors for the Extortion 17 Memorial Ride. Benefit levels follow:

Presenting Sponsors • $10,000 and up
o 12 T-shirts
o Most prominent logo on 48×60 banner
o Most prominent company logo on the back of the annual ride T-shirt
o Promotion through website and Facebook

Platinum • $5,000
o 6 T-shirts
o Logo on 48×60 banner (2nd level of prominence)
o 2nd prominent company logo on the back of the annual ride T-shirt
o Promotion through website and Facebook

Gold • $2,000
o 4 T-shirts
o Logo on 48×60 banner
o Promotion through website and Facebook

Silver • $1,000
o 2 T-shirts
o Logo on 48×60 banner
o Promotion through website and Facebook

Bronze • $500
o Logo on 48×60 banner
o Promotion through website and Facebook