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Patriot’s Day – Remembering ‘The Shot Heard Round The World’

April 19th, 2014

You’ve probably heard about Paul Revere’s ride and the ‘shot heard round the world’. April 19th, Patriot’s Day, marks what we consider the beginning of the American Revolution, well over a year before the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Interestingly, I grew up in the 70s and 80s watching ABC’s Schoolhouse Rock series on Saturday mornings and regularly seeing this little gem. Sure, it’s a little off on the facts, but can you imagine one of the major networks playing something so patriotic today? It’s not even 40 years on. Such a shame that, as a people, we don’t look at our country the same way anymore.

Each Patriot’s Day, I remember those men at Concord and consider what it must have been for them to stand there in the face of the world’s greatest army and take up arms in the defense of their colony from oppression.

Consider this:

This militia came together on that morning to protect their arms from seizure by an oppressive government. That is a fact. It’s not meant to be inflammatory or support an agenda, but it will upset some nevertheless.


“Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”
-John Parker
Captain of Militia

As the initial volleys of fire were exchanged near daybreak on Lexington Green, colonial volunteers fell back in the face of over 500 occupying British troops. But as the battle moved on to Concord the tide turned, and the redcoats were routed as more and more colonists joined the fray.

As the British troops withdrew through Concord they were reinforced. Now boasting a strength of 1700 men, they remained no match for the determined colonists who forced them to retreat to the safety of Charlestown in Boston. The militiamen continued their pursuit which transformed into the Siege of Boston.

Today, join me in remembering those American warriors who pledged their lives to give us our hard fought freedoms and this great land.

Gunfighter Moment – Ken Hackathorn

April 19th, 2014

Real “gunners” understand that knowledge and skill with a variety of small arms is mandatory. It should be understood that certain handguns and long guns should be second nature to those that must travel in harms way. Handgun wise the guns that you will be most likely to encounter require attention. These include first and for most the Glock. We live in a Glock world and once you leave CONUS it will be a 9X19mm Glock. The US service pistol, the Beretta M9/92 is a pistol that you should be able to run with ease. In the USA the 1911 remains the most popular selling handgun on the market today. Get to know in strengths and weaknesses and master it’s use. The ‘J’ frame S&W revolver is very proliferate, it is difficult to shoot well under stress, so give it serious attention when at the range. On America’s streets, the Hi Point pistol is found in great numbers as it is favored by the criminal element. While many ‘gunners’ disparage Hi Point firearms, if you have to pick one up and use it, you best know what you are doing. When you leave CONUS you will issued or given a sidearm that you may not be accustom to…do your homework and find out what type of small arms are common in the area you will be working or traveling. CZ 75, H&K USP/P2000/P30, Makarov, and TT33 Tokarev pistols are guns you should be competent with. In long guns, AR15 weapon system skills and use is mandatory and the AK platforms require hands on skill. In some places around the planet guns like the H&K 36, French FAMAS, and British SA80 may be something that you need to study up on. Know the guns that you may have to use in the area you live or travel….don’t always assume you will have the one you want or like.

Remember, guns don’t win fights…..the guy behind it does.

-Ken Hackathorn

The Legendary Ken Hackathorn

Ken Hackathorn has served as a US Army Special Forces Small Arms Instructor, Gunsite Instructor, and NRA Police Firearms Instructor. He is currently an FBI Certified Firearms Instructor, Certified Deputy Sheriff with Washington County SO, Ohio, and a SRT member and Special Response Team trainer. Ken has trained US Military Special Operations forces, Marine FAST and SOTG units and is a contract small arms trainer to FBI SWAT and HRT.

Ken has provided training to Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies and been active in small arms training for the past 25 years. He has written firearms related material for Guns & Ammo, Combat Handguns, Soldier Of Fortune, and currently American Handgunner and contributed to at least six other gun/shooting journals. Ken was also a founding member of IPSC and IDPA.

To see Ken’s Training Class Schedule visit

Gunfighter Moment is a weekly feature brought to you by Alias Training & Security Services. Each week Alias brings us a different Trainer and in turn they offer SSD readers hard earned words of wisdom.

Darley Defense Days – Salewa

April 19th, 2014

Mountain Trainer Mid GTX

The Moutain Trainer Mid GTX features an abrasion-resistant suede upper with sticky rubber rand for protection and grip, and the GORE-TEX extended comfort membrane provides waterproof protection and enhanced breathability. The Vibram Mulaz outsole offers durability and uphill/downhill grip on all terrain, and a nylon/27% fiberglass shank offers support with flex on challenging surfaces. Technical lacing with metal hooks extends towards the front for a custom fit which provides precision and comfort.

Alp Trainer Mid GTX

The Alp Trainer combines the grip and technical features of an approach shoe with the support and protection of a hiking boot. The upper is made from 1.8mm full suede, and the GORE-TEX extended comfort membrane provides waterproof protection and enhanced breathability. Additionally, the Alp Trainer features a rugged, sticky Vibram sole, climbing lacing, full Kevlar protected rands, and elastic collar construction.

Hike Trainer GTX

Much like the Alp Trainer, the Hike Trainer GTX combines the grip and technical features of an approach shoe with the support and protection of a hiking boot. Unlike the Alp Trainer, the Hike Trainer upper is made from both Nubuk and suede, however still features the same GORE-TEX extended comfort membrane which provides waterproof protection and enhanced breathability. Additionally, the Hike Trainer features a rugged, sticky Vibram sole, climbing lacing, and full Kevlar protected rands.

Fire Tail EVO Mid GTX

The only boot not yet commercially available, the Fire Tail EVO Mid GTX is set for a September release as part of Salewa’s forthcoming Fall line. The Fire Tail EVO Mid GTX keeps all the features of the original Fire Tail EVO GTX, with the addition of a high-ankle cuff and redesigned Vibram ‘Scrambler’ sole.

BLACK The Webseries – Season 2

April 18th, 2014

Black Season Two

A successful crowdfunding venture led to the creation of BLACK, a webseries about the formation of a covert team in response to a direct attack on the CIA on American soil, staring former U.S. Navy SEAL Mikal Vega. Now, the creators are back for a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for BLACK season 2, looking to make at least 5 times the funding goal of the previous season. Various funding rewards are being offered, from morale patches and apparel, all the way up to an invitation to the cast and crew premiere.

In case you’re not familiar with the series, you can watch the the entire first season here.

Gorilla Ammunition – Easter Sale

April 18th, 2014


Gorilla Ammunition is holding an Easter sale. 10% off any order – use promo code elmerfudd. Sale runs until Monday, April 21, 2014.

Darley Defense Days – Tactical Support Equipment

April 18th, 2014


The Universal Uninterrupted Power Supply for the PRC-117G is a portable power device designed for use in the ruck, the operations center, and on vehicular platforms. Made from billet aluminum with a hard anodized Black finish, the UUPS is weather resistant and capable of operating in temperatures from -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C).


The UUPS features two power input receptacles and a built-in zero-wait switch, for connection to multiple power sources including BA-5590 batteries, worldwide AC power, and military vehicle power. The use of two BA-5590 cables allows the user to hot swap batteries for continuous radio use. What all of this means is that you can enjoy uninterrupted power to your 117 and won’t have to turn it off to swap batteries.

An auxiliary power port also allows the UUPS to power external devices such as loudspeakers, handheld radios, and network devices. The aux connector interfaces with standard speaker power cables from Harris.

For more information, contact

‘Dual Survival’ Star Cody Lundin Sets Record Straight

April 18th, 2014

Dual Survival Clarification by Cody Lundin

Dear Campers,

Unfortunately, flurries of season four press releases by Discovery Channel have caused unnecessary confusion. Initial press releases implied that I was returning for the entire fourth season of Dual Survival. Not true. Later releases featured quotes from a new Discovery executive producer implying that I quit the show. Not true. Further releases implied that I couldn’t “hack” the show anymore and that I was unable to handle the survival scenarios. Not only are these implications completely false, they question my professional experience, expertise and integrity in a manner that I will not tolerate.

Given the promotional approach chosen by Discovery, I am left with no choice but to speak out to defend my reputation and career as a professional survival instructor with 25 years of experience. To be clear, the implications of my involvement in, and departure from, season four of Dual Survival in the network’s public statements have been inaccurate, uncalled for, unacceptable and untrue. It’s shocking to me that Discovery would treat anyone in this manner, and I am disappointed that this media organization would put its own reputation at risk by choosing sensationalism over facts.

Discovery is well aware of the actual circumstances that led to my firing from the show – circumstances that in no way resemble the message that the network has chosen to present so far. While I have not yet felt the need to address our differences in a much larger public forum, I won’t hesitate to do so if that is what is required to protect my integrity and my career. If the network continues to put forth a narrative regarding my departure, I expect it to do so in a respectful, fact-based way that allows us to part in a professional manner that will not harm either of our future interests.

The network should be aware that programming of this nature must be produced and marketed in a responsible manner with the highest level of regard for the safety and health of the hosts, production personnel, and members of the viewing public. I have shared this message with them many times. Failure to observe this standard could have tragic consequences that, with proper precaution, can be avoided. There can be no compromise when dealing with people’s lives.

It is true that I was scheduled to shoot all episodes for season four, but as I was fired due to differences over safety and health concerns, I filmed only four shows. The shows I participated in were filmed in Sri Lanka, Oman, and Norway. Matt Graham, one of the people from “Dude, you’re screwed” was hired to replace me. As Discovery moves forward with launching the new season of Dual Survival, I hope the network will choose a different tactic for the presentation and marketing of the show that is not at my expense.

On a brighter note, my farewell post was shared more than 720,000 times on Facebook alone with thousands of supportive comments from fans. I very much appreciate the continued support and hope this letter clears up any confusion.

Stay true and never waiver.
Sincerely, Cody Lundin

TenCate Advanced Armor USA Introduces Cratus 3600SA, The Lightest, Stand-Alone, NIJ 0101.06 Level III Certified Plate In The Body Armor Industry

April 18th, 2014

the new TenCate Cratus™ 3600SA plate is available in 14 sizes, with a 10” x 12” Shooters Cut torso plate weighing 2.20 pounds and a 6” x 6” Full-Size Cut side plate weighing 0.80 pounds. This is a great reduction in weight for armor plates and it’s awesome to see companies continue to push the envelope.

TenCateAdvanced Armor-Cratus3600SA

The TenCate Cratus™ 3600SA (NIJ Model #D1652) is the lightest, stand-alone, NIJ 0101.06 Level III Certified hard body armor plate in the body armor industry. TenCate Advanced Armor USA combined their extensive knowledge of high-pressure manufacturing with advancements in unidirectional polyethylene materials to engineer and produce a family of plates that are 35% lighter than its predecessors. The TenCate Cratus™ 3600SA utilizes a hybrid design of DSM Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology in combination with trauma reduction materials. A 10”x12” Shooters (SH) Cut torso plate weighs only 2.20 pounds and 6” x 6” Full- Size (FS) Cut side plates weigh 0.80 pounds. The reduction in weight has not compromised protection level because the TenCate Cratus™ 3600SA has been tested against both the 7.62mm x 51mm FMJ (M80) and the 7.62mm x 39mm PS Ball (MSC).

TenCate Advanced Armor’s VP of Personal Protection, Mark Bajko, stated,

“We are really proud and excited to offer the TenCate Cratus™ 3600SA. It is an evolutionary leap forward for hard body armor. The focus on lighter weight body armor systems and plate carriers in the industry continues to drive our engineering efforts. It allows for more areas of the body to be covered by hard armor that protects against rifle threats. The availability of 14 sizes now allows for each person to be sized correctly without having to settle on standard 8” x 10” and 10” x 12” plate sizes.”

TenCate Advanced Armor adheres to a unique business model. They do not sell direct to wholesalers, distributors, dealers, or the end user. Their products are only available through armor manufacturers, either private labeled, or under the TenCate Cratus™ brand.

To learn more about TenCate Advanced Armor’s full product line visit or e-mail

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Padded Split Front Recce Rig, 6/12

April 18th, 2014

This week we are taking a look at the FirstSpear Recce Rig. I’ve got to say that I am a big fan of Chest rigs having used an Arktis Model 42 Rig while stationed in 3ID LRS back in the late 80s and later wearing an Eagle SF30 AK rig in Haiti in the mid-90s while on a SOT-A in 3rd Group. Something neither of those designs offered was modularity. The Padded Split Front Recce Rig, 6/12 moves the load from the waist up unto the chest on 6/9 body panels that ride left and right and accept PALS and 6/9 equipped pouches meaning you can completely customize your load.


The split-front front closes via two short TUBES attachments and incorporates a Velcro closure on the sides allowing you to stash needed items inside the body of the rig. The padded shoulder harness features a flat, H-style cross piece at the rear for comfort. The rear of the waist is held fast via a simple, 1″ webbing strap that is releasable and adjustable at either end.


Berry compliant and offered in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam. – M35 2.5 Ton Truck Rebuilt For Bug-Out

April 18th, 2014


This week’s post from profiles Big Bug Out Trucks, a North Carolina-based company which rebuilds old M35 military surplus trucks for off-roading & disaster preparation.

Their method is to bob the M35, which means shortening it by removing an axle, removing 3 feet from the chassis frame, and lengthening the drive shaft, among other modifications, which increases the fuel efficiency and top speed of the truck. Additionally, Big Bug Trucks can even add an electronic shock device to the vehicle which will deliver 1,000,000 volts of low-amperage, non-lethal electricity to the outer shell of the vehicle.

For the full story, visit: