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Cool A-10 Camouflauge

March 29th, 2015


Reminds me of the Brookwood Phase IV camouflage pattern.


Corps Strength – Looking Back To Move Forward

March 28th, 2015

Corps Strength

The other day I came across this video making the rounds on Face Book. This is a video about the old PE program at LaSeirra HS back in the early 60’s. It was part of an initiative by President Kennedy to improve the health and fitness of our youth. I guess even then there was some concern about our kids getting soft. I remember this program when I was in grade school. You did some calisthenics and if you did so many of each, you got a certificate, I think we also did this program at the Boys Club, as far as I can remember it was gone by the time I got to high school.

As I watched this video I was shocked by the level of fitness displayed by these high school kids. This could be a video of Marines getting ready to graduate boot camp? Imagine going to any HS across the U.S. today and trying to find a group like this? This isn’t their football or wrestling team, it’s just PE class! We need this program (or something like it) back in our schools now, especially with the more sedentary world of computers and video games. I think many schools have done away with PE all together. In my two son’s high school, if you were on a sports team, or in the band you were exempt from doing PE. BTW, there were a lot of fat kids in that school and a lot of discipline and drug issues.

The problem is before that could happen, you would need a major shift in the attitude of the parents. They would have to support a real PE program in their schools. My guess is that it would be like when the First Lady tried to improve the school lunches a few years ago, just whining, complaining and politics. when that happened I couldn’t believe how many people came out against getting better food for their own kids in school? Then again I could, as people are so bent on making everything a political issue nowadays, common sense and the greater good goes out the F’ing window. In fact one person commented on FB that this video of the La Seirra HS PE program had “Socialist Overtones” WTFO?, good health and fitness are now a socialist plot? Give me a break genius, the back bone of a free people is good health. A socialist government wants weak, unhealthy people, who are easier to control. I hope that one day this country will wake up and realize that the strength of it’s nation is based on a population of strong healthy people. No country has ever survived when it’s citizens are weak, sickly and unhealthy and it starts with our kids. Sometimes it seems like we are evolving backwards?

Take care and be safe.

Semper Fi


Gunfighter Moment – Ken Hackathorn

March 28th, 2015

The training market is flooded with instructors that all want you to give them your money so they can make you into a ninja warrior. The guy in your community that was a NRA instructor last year has bought himself a set of 5.11 clothes (ninja black hopefully), a drop leg holster for his blaster, and added 13 items to his economy priced AR. Now, he is the local ‘tactical shooting instructor’. Like most things in life you get what you pay for. In most case’s it is a matter of in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

If you plan to invest your money wisely, do some research on the instructor. Does he have a reputation for giving his students their money’s worth? Keep in mind that nearly all the shooting instructors have a specialty based upon their life experiences be it Law Enforcement, Military, or competition backgrounds.

It is your job to determine if the specialty that they provide meets your expectations or learning requirements. One of the most commonly encountered things that happens in my business is questions concerning another trainers range rules or individual class requirements. The question is ,why do I teach something different than instructor A or B? In reality, we all have differences in our instruction, it doesn’t mean any of us are wrong, we just have different approaches to solving the problem.

I advise most students that take my or anyone class with the attitude that you take away those things that you like or think you can use. Anything you get from the instructor that you don’t agree with or dislike, simply push the delete button. Select the guy you want to give your money to based upon his reputation to deliver the information you are looking for, his ability to explain and justify his teaching methods, and most important his ability to correct or improve your performance.

Go to training with an open mind and positive attitude. Pay attention, show up prepared, be ready to come to the line when called, and work hard to not be ‘that guy’.

-Ken Hackathorn

Old Guy With A Blaster

Ken Hackathorn has served as a US Army Special Forces Small Arms Instructor, Gunsite Instructor, and NRA Police Firearms Instructor. He is currently an FBI Certified Firearms Instructor, Certified Deputy Sheriff with Washington County SO, Ohio, and a SRT member and Special Response Team trainer. Ken has trained US Military Special Operations forces, Marine FAST and SOTG units and is a contract small arms trainer to FBI SWAT and HRT.

Ken has provided training to Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies and been active in small arms training for the past 25 years. He has written firearms related material for Guns & Ammo, Combat Handguns, Soldier Of Fortune, and currently American Handgunner and contributed to at least six other gun/shooting journals. Ken was also a founding member of IPSC and IDPA.

To see Ken’s Training Class Schedule visit

Gunfighter Moment is a weekly feature brought to you by Alias Training & Security Services. Each week Alias brings us a different Trainer and in turn they offer SSD readers hard earned words of wisdom.

TNVC Introduces New Line of Budget Minded Night Vision Rifle Scopes

March 28th, 2015


TNVC has just introduced two new budget minded night vision rifle scopes. Built exclusively for TNVC by Night Optics USA, the D740 Argus 4x and D760 Gladius 6x are Gen2 White Phosphor Night Vision Rifle Scopes, which feature Photonis Gen2+ White Phosphor tubes. Additionally, the two scopes are both priced under $3000! As a special introductory offer, TNVC will take an additional $100 off through the month of April, through their Tax Refund Sale, by using coupon code IRS2015 at checkout.

Al Clark Is Partnering With Colonial Shooting Academy In New Training Venture

March 27th, 2015

colonial tactical

Colonial Shooting Academy has announced a partnership with Al Clark, former Navy SEAL and co-founder of Blackwater Lodge and Training Center. The new training venture, dubbed Colonial Tactical, will offer shooters a wide range of practical and effective firearms training, fueled by Al Clark’s 28 years of Military and professional training experience.

For more information, visit

MARSOC Advanced Sniper Training

March 27th, 2015

I’ve been to this training site before. Jim Smith’s Spartan Tactical is an excellent facility made for precision marksmanship.

Unity Tactical Announces ‘Monkey Bar’ MBUS PRO Replacement Clamp

March 27th, 2015

Today, Unity Tactical announced the production of the ‘Monkey Bar’ replacement clamp for the Magpul MBUS Pro line of iron sights. This clamp is not only lightweight, but is also compatible with Unity Tactical’s FUSION mounting interface. The full release can be read below:


Unity Tactical is proud to announce the “Monkey Bar”. A replacement clamp for the excellent Magpul™ MBUS™ PRO line of Backup Iron Sights.

The Monkey Bar replaces the OEM clamp to provide the user with a solid and lightweight FUSION compatible mounting interface. The FUSION interface allows you to directly mount Surefire™ Scout Lights as well as 1913 rail sections (Using the Offset Rail), 1” or Executive Series Ring Lights (Using the FUSION Ring Mounts) or Surefire ™ Millennium Series Lights (Using the Millennium Series Adapter).

The Monkey Bar is precision machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum and Type 3 Hardcoat anodized for durability.

It adds 0.2 Ounces of weight over the MBUS™ Pro alone, so it’s one of the lightest weight mounts on the market.

It is currently in production and will be available at the end of April.

Violent Little Machine Shop – Oryx Warfare Group Patch

March 27th, 2015


Violent Little Machine Shop has released a tribute to the Oryx Warfare mercenary group from the movie ‘Elysium’. This leather patch is 3.5″ x 3.3″ with hook Velcro backing.

MSG Frank McRae (USA, Ret) Of Raidon Tactics Reviews The GGP Specter Light

March 27th, 2015

Dalton, ID—26 March 15—Grey Ghost Precision

Grey Ghost Precision is proud to share the following unsolicited review of the Specter Light rifle by MSG Frank McRae (USA, Ret) of Raidon Tactics. Why are we honored by the evaluation and why should you care? Background and perspective.

Frank McRae is a former SF instructor and NCOIC of SFARTAETC, the US Army Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques Course at Ft Bragg. During the course of a long and distinguished career he served with the 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st SFG(A) and 3rd SFG(A) in a number of combat operation billets (including the Combatant Commander’s In-Extremis Force/CIF OEF-P and Company SGM advisor, Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Force/ICTF). He deployed as an exchange instructor with the Israeli Counter-Terrorism Course and was honored for having the highest graduation rate in SFARTAETC’s two decade history. He now operates Raidon Tactics and remains heavily involved in the training and education of SOF personnel from across the spectrum.

In short, Frank knows his way around a rifle. He put over 16,000 rounds through the Specter Light before reviewing it.

GGP Specter Light Review

Frank McRae, MSG USA (Ret), Director of Training, Raidon Tactics


I was introduced to the Grey Ghost Precision “Specter Series” of firearms in Autumn of 2014 during a training evolution with an SOT-A. That element was deploying to conduct combat operations OCONUS; members of the team were using a GGP prototype rifle; my initial impressions of the weapon were extremely positive. GGP later attended and supported the Green Beret Pro-Am on Veteran’s Day, where I became acquainted with their staff and was able to shoot the production versions of the gun. Based on that experience I purchased one of the first 5.56mm Specter Lights “off the line.” Since that time I have become increasingly impressed with the weapon, enough so that I offered this review to them. GGP did not ask for the review and offered neither remuneration or trade. This is the first rifle I have reviewed—the weapon has certainly earned it.

The Specter Rifle feels exactly how a real rifle should feel—that is the best way to describe it. This is the closest I’ve seen to a SCAR in an AR platform. The weapon is weighty but not heavy and well balanced, with even weight distribution from the muzzle to butt. When firing, the recoil impulse is high, causing a perceived reduction in recoil shock to the shooter; this allows faster recovery time and quicker follow on shot placement with minimal muzzle rise.


The rifle is solidly built and, short of a left side ejection port, has all the amenities that belong on any ambidextrous rifle. The ambi bolt release is a welcome addition, allowing for more ergonomic magazine changes and letting the shooter watch what is going on downrange instead of looking at the other side of the rifle. It also allows the shooter to maintain a better high ready position and reduces the amount of movement with the non-firing hand. In the high ready position, a simple glance at the round entering the chamber when the bolt is released will tell the shooter exactly what condition the rifle is in. This ambi charging handle is solid, beefy and works great. Its design allows for faster immediate action correcting any malfunctions just as easily with either hand.

A Keymod free float hand guard comes standard; this will allow the addition of reduced weight, lower profile accessories as they become available, which will in turn reduce the overall weight of the rifle. More real estate and better ergonomics mean better shot groups and longer engagements from the standing position.

Most rifle manufacturers skip aftermarket muzzle brakes due to additional cost, but the Specter comes with a Gem-Tech brake already installed. Many shooters already have Gem-Tech cans in their arsenal, which makes this an even better value for some and if you were on the fence about buying a can for your rifle, now you will have one less excuse. With the Gemtech brake installed, there is a noticeable decrease in flash compared to other brakes, especially during our low light shooting and night time training courses.

Even better (and more significantly), I experienced a slight reduction in recoil and no increase in noise. Combining the Gem-Tech brake with the geometry of the rifle makes for fast, and I mean very fast, reduction in follow though time and putting the next shot on target.

I found the trigger geometry to be outstanding. The straight line with a slight curve at the bottom makes for better trigger manipulation and the additional room in the trigger guard allows a shooter to place his trigger finger in a lower position on the trigger itself. This allows for a better mechanical advantage on the trigger and gives a perceived lighter trigger pull. The reduced weight of the pull, combined with the geometry of the trigger itself, provides a very accurate manipulation of the trigger.

My experience has proven that most battle rifles have more perceived pull than the GGP Specter Light. The trigger pull scale I used easily validated that. I measured the pull at 4.8 pounds, which is excellent consistency for a mass produced rifle and is a ready example of GGP’s high production standards. The crispness of the break in the trigger is superb, with reduced pre travel and minimal over travel, with a solid and defining reset. You definitely know when the trigger is reset and ready to fire again.


The ambi safety is rigid but not hard to manipulate, so there is no mistake when it locks into position. You will know that it is on safe or ready to fire. This is topped off with a Magpul grip that gives a more neutral grip angle than a standard AR grip, which makes it easier to reach and engage the safety, a definite advantage for the shooter with smaller hands. I am normally not a fan of Magpul products, but the grip set-up on this rifle made it a better value for more shooters by reducing the sweep of the grip to allow for this extra reach capability.

The tolerances between the billet cut upper and lower receivers are second to none. The upper receiver has m-4 feed ramps cut for reliable feeding and chambering every time. Though it is no longer or wider than any other MilSpec mag well, the Specter’s mag well is built beefier than those on a typical lower receiver. The edges also feature a slight bevel, making for faster magazine insertions. The fit of a magazine into the mag well is secure and feels good in the rifle. Balance of a firearm is important for everything from shooting long distance from a standing position, moving in and around cover, or just carrying when out on a mission. With a billet cut lower, the weight distribution of this rifle gives it the ideal balance for all of these. The buffer tube and spring assembly are held in securely, and there is a noticeable absence of the typical grinding sounds from the buffer tube when firing. A Magpul stock finishes out the lower receiver as an integral part of the overall balance of the rifle.

The only parts I felt the need to add for my own edification were the Armaspec Tactical Combat Button and the Troy industries Bolt Release. I have been using these parts for as long as they have been out on other rifles so it only felt natural to include them on this one.

I admit I hate to clean rifles but the black nitride coating makes the chore of cleaning easy and requires just a wipe down with a cloth. I use very little oil in this rifle and I have put around 16,000 rounds through this rifle in the past 3-4 months using it as a rental for our gun club and as an SOF skills weapon for training my students. I am happy to say that I have had no malfunctions that were not caused by my own intentional abuse. I fired 12000 rounds before even the first cleaning and then let the carbon, dirt and oil build up till it fails. All it took was a wipe down and the GGP Specter was back up and running like it was new. The bolt is nitride coated as well, which makes for very tight tolerances with parts like the cam pin and the cotter pin. I believe the tighter a bolt carrier and bolt are, the longer you will have tighter shot groups. There is a point when a bolt wears that you will also notice the shot groups beginning to relax a bit as well.

The direct impingement system is flawless. I fired over 3000 rounds in the first month of using rifle number 00013, with no cleaning, and zero malfunctions. No double feeds, no failures to lock on an empty magazine, nothing. With cheaper Wolf ammo, I experienced a few light strikes, but with good ammo, this rifle shoots great. With match grade ammo, the Specter Light holds a sub minute group at 100 yards. I am confident that this is easily a 650 yard gun.

I am a shooter and instructor, not a gunsmith by any means. The amount of work my gunsmith has to perform on the typical AR platform is almost shameful due to malfunctions and gas system problems. I have many ARs come through my pro shop in the $1900 to $3500 range, straight from the gun show or other gun shops, and seen them fail on the first round. I am talking high end, high priced rifles. Names will be withheld to protect the innocent, but I would put the GGP Spector Light up against any of these rifles any day. In a shooting endurance test, I would bet on the GGP rifle to be in the top 3 every time. For the money, this is by far the best AR platform in 5.56 that I have had the pleasure of owning. Out of all the rifles I have in the same class, I grab my GGP Specter when I want the gun to work and shoot true.

More information:

Learn more about Raidon Tactics online at or on Facebook at You can also follow Raidon and Range 37 PSR here on Instagram: Range 37 PSR can be found on line at or on Facebook here: You can contact SGM Frank McRae, USA (Ret) at 910-774-9370.

Consilio, quod respuitur, nullum subest auxilium.

Learn more about Grey Ghost Precision online here: or follow GGP on Instagram here: Grey Ghost is also on Facebook:

FirstSpear Friday Focus – SSV In-The-Belt Appendix/Kidney

March 27th, 2015


Continuing development of the SSV Holster Line, FirstSpear has been hard at work to bring you a deeper concealment holster with the versatility that EDC requires. Available for all standard stock pistols without light in the FS SSV Line and all standard colors, this holster has some unique attributes that are sure to make it your favorite. An easy-to-use molded J Hook lets you attach and remove the holster without undoing your belt and a backup lanyard can be installed in case the J Hook becomes disengaged from your belt (removable if not desired). Lastly, the holster body provides a complete wrap at the muzzle to facilitate protection of key body parts from a hot muzzle during repetitive training drills.

Available immediately from FirstSpear!